Linkedin Training – Turning off the Noise

Turn the Tap Off!I’m putting together the final elements of my Linkedin Workshop materials at the moment, and dealing with one of the burning questions people often ask;

How do I Turn Off all that Noise?

This question can take other forms, such as:

“I keep getting emails from people I don’t know”
“I don’t read the updates because my home page is full of banal twitter comments”
“I joined some groups but all I got was spammed”
“People keep selling to me”

Some people who use Linkedin don’t understand the principles of professional networking, and if their activities aren’t checked, they can use it as a tool to bother you with irrelevant material.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this makes Linkedin useless – knowing what to do about it is the key.

Like all social tools, Linkedin is Opt-In. Learn how to Opt Out of the Noise.

How to Opt out of the Noise on Linkedin

Examples of how to opt out of Linkedin noise include:

  • Tuning your settings correctly to stop unsolicited private messages;
  • Getting your Group settings right to encourage activity on the group not in your inbox;
  • Leaving badly run groups;
  • Turning off the updates from noisy connections;
  • Removing troublesome or mistaken connections altogether (without them knowing).
  • You can also learn how to manage Linkedin updates via your email inbox.

Once the noise is filtered out, Linkedin becomes a powerful tool for looking after your real life network and helping your network help you.

If you’d like to know how to turn off the noise and develop a personal plan for your Linkedin activity, come to one of my Linkedin Training Workshops in London, Colchester, Manchester, Leeds and other towns in the UK.

Linkedin Training For Construction Professionals: A Beginners Workshop

Start making Linkedin work for you, deliver a real return on your investment and generate new business and opportunities now.