Architects who Twitter – Here they are!

Nearly two weeks since I asked Architects Who Twitter – Where Are They? It is now time to share my findings.
The construction community on twitter is still small but it is expected to grow, as Staci Ford who runs the Construction Twitter group pointed out recently on BLDGBLOG.
In December 2009 there were nearly 4.5m unique visitors to twitter so one could expect that a reasonable number of them might be architects. But if they are out there, they’re not shouting about it.

Many of the tweeps I have found are tweeting because they would do so anyway, and few are using twitter as a business tool, though I think this will change during 2009.  The exception is @Ines who is our most prolific tweeting architect. As a realtor in Miami, tweeting is a more natural activity for Ines than on this side of the pond, for now.  It is also good to see students/interns across the globe using twitter to share ideas, find jobs and get involved.

Finding a particular discipline on twitter isn’t easy (unless they are IT or media types!) and I haven’t been able to find a search tool that will search twitter profiles (unless you know different) so the people I have found have either been referred to me by tweeters or fellow bloggers, or have come up in my twitter search for ‘architect’ in tweets.

I’d like to thank everyone who has participated in this experiment. Many of them are in the list, or will turn up in my blogroll or future posts about construction tweeps.

I’d also like to thank @stevenhealey and @ollieparsley for creating software to enable me to make the first ever Architects Twitter League. Check it out now, or read about the members below first… I’ll remind you at the bottom.
I’m sure you know of people I haven’t found yet. Please let me know if you have new architects by posting a comment here, tweeting me or dropping me a line. I’ll add them to the twitter league too. By continuing to share this information we are encouraging more construction people to join the twitterverse, which can only be a good thing.

Disclaimer – These are architects or architects’ practices or architecture students on twitter. If your profile says you are an architect then I’ve assumed you are – unless I’ve noticed otherwise. The name ‘Architect’ is protected by statute in the UK. You should consult your governing body, etc etc.

If you contact any of these folks, do tell them I sent you, and please tweet about this list!

Without further ado…

Architects on Twitter (and their practices, and students)

UK and Europe

The Architect Chartered Architect, ex drinker & thinker. Frank Lloyd Wright expert. [and very good taste in music] Manchester, UK

Ethel Baraona Architect. Partner of dpr-barcelona, publisher specialized in architecture, design, technology and its influence on the social and built environment. Barcelona, Spain

Tony Blow I’m a graphic designer. I work at a cross-disciplinary agency alongside interior architects and architects though. I’m pretty hard-working, for a slacker. Glasgow

Su Butcher Practice Manager for No-nonsense Architects Barefoot & Gilles. Tweets on the UK Property Industry. London, Suffolk, Essex, UK

Euan Craine Architect, Designer, Photographer, Musician. Isle of Man
Tara Crooke  I am a mum and an architect, have my own small practice and studying advanced architecture, environmental and energy studies thru centre for alternative tech. Scottish Highlands

Manu Fernández Frustrado arquitecto, economista, urbanista, geógrafo, compositor, poeta, músico, astronauta, juez de paz,… Bilbao

Paco Gonzalez at Radarqnet – personal twitter account

Liza P Architect in training, self-obsession is in the job description Moscow, San Francisco (I’m assuming that is Moscow and San Francisco rather than Moscow in San Francisco…)

Radarqnet open studio which works and investigates in architecture, net and city EU

Martin Rix Hi, I’m interested in Web2.0 and tech being used in the construction industry. Sheffield, UK

Various Architects Oslo based collaborative design office Oslo, Norway [great name for a practice, don't you think?]

Paul Weston Young Architect finding his feet. London


David Bourbon Sustainability consultant, architect, father, former drummer and helicopter pilot. Green Building, Adaptive Use, Home Improvement and Alternative Energy Sources (Lancaster, Texas)

AllisonBrooks Strategic Marketing Jedi for Innovative Architecture + Design Firm in Massachusetts: Greater Boston Area

Joel Van Dyke Joel is an architect with special interest in the application of technology and networking with other creative disciplines to enhance creative innovation. Greenville, SC

Judy Grundstrom architect / interior designer / business owner / techno savvy geek girl / volunteer politico (Minneapolis, MN)

Ines Hegedus-Garcia Miami / Realtor / Architect / Mojitos / Miamisms – not exactly in that order Miami

Patrick T. Hoffman @Drexel for Arch & STS. Intern Arch, Co-Founder Ecohere … keen on Innovation, Patterns, & guiding Arch Today to Social Design informed by S&K. Philadelphia, PA

Lamidesign architect and publisher of modern house plans, and advocate for modern housing Merchantville, NJ (see also Greg La Vardera below)

Greg La Vardera an architect, on a personal mission to see the modern home become a choice for anybody who wants one. Merchantville, NJ (See also Lami Design)

Mike Plotnick Communicator, PR strategist and sustainable design advocate at HOK architectural design firm. St. Louis

Sara Sweeney Architect specializing in sustainable building research and consulting; independent, original, analytical, and determined; interested in serving humanity. Collingswood, NJ

J P Wardaia Residential Architect with modern tastes Washington DC

Lucas Wihlborg I’m an architecture student, distance runner, tech geek and twitterererer Boston, Mass.

Rest of the World…

A+3Architect Atelier A+3 Architects Atelier, Outsourcing, 3d Videos, Photo Real Render, Architecture Design. Managua,Nicaragua

Aidan An architect in search of architecture Neutral Bay, NSW Australia

HOK HOK is a global planning and design firm (Worldwide but quiet)

That’s all folks

Who is missing? Let me know please. Of course, I’d also welcome your comments below.

And finally, don’t forget to check out the Architects Twitter League!


Here are some more people I’ve added to the twitter league this afternoon. Thanks to everyone’s support for this venture, we have a good sized league now.

Theo Jones London I am currently a student at UCL [London] studying Architecture. 

Daniel Carrapa Portugal Architect/Blogger

Perry Cortell East Coaster lost in LaLaLand. Net junkie, Apple fanboi, punk rock slave, hiker, biker, searching for intelligent life in the universe, and an architect

abbie shipton – Des Moines, Iowa  Associate architect. Love politics and all things tech. Very Opinionated.

Ahmad Duranai - Toronto, On.  CanadaBreakthrough Coach, Passion Test Facilitator, Architect & Real Estate Investor

Migi Ajuriaguerra – Madrid, ” iS pain ” I’m a victim of glovalization, stuck in iS pain…and expecting for adventures around the looking for a new JOB, I’m an Architect the way..

adambeazley Louisiana Owner of Neutral Existence LLC, Architect and all around Eco Junkie! Love everything Green and environmental.

Art Garcia Seattle, WA Architect & Road Cyclist

anbru openminded german Architect

AIA Minnesota – Minnesota A society of the American Institute of Architects

Monica Nakamine Glendale, CA Public relations for architectural firm, graphic design, construction, landscape design

Mic Newcastle upon Tyne, UK Just another architecture student with an ego

Calvin Ngan

Kevin Franklin London Head of Web Technologies for Arup

Andres Duran Astorga Concepción,Chile, Sur del Mund, Arquitecto Chileno

naço architectures naço is doing global architecture, as in architecture, design, communication, and exploration! Paris, ShangHai, Buenos Aires

archimania architecture, interior architecture, design Memphis, Tennesee, USA

J. Pang Recent M.Architecture Grad working and living again. Livin’ Houston without a car

David Assael arquitectura + ciudad + web = pNet.  Santiago, Chile

Scott Kyle Richmond, VA. Green Architect for 15 years who believes that buildings are an extension of who we are, creating a lasting impression of how we see ourselves and the future.


  1. says


    thanks to be included in this list. Just share some research I made on radarqnet’s followers when @bldgblog posted this:

    Archtweets (1,2,3, & 4)

    You will find a lot of people tweeting about architecture, landscape, urban and city but really I don’t know who is architect or not.

    Paco Gonzalez,


  2. says

    arquitextonica on twitter.

    As we use (one of the if not the oldest architecture blog in spanish alive) with also brief posts, twitter is mostly used for our personal ramblings and grunts but most of them are related to architecture…


  3. says

    Love the list. We are also twittering but are architects-turned-filmmakers currently editing a documentary about the architectural studio. Check our tweet out @archiculture, we could always use some more feedback as we edit our posted clips.


    su Reply:

    Hi Ian,
    I’ve added you to the list, once an architect…


  4. says

    “cts who Twitter – Here they are! | Just Practising, What seems to be missing in this article is the knowledge that it’s simply a jumping off point. Just subscribed to your RSS.


  5. says

    No Problem Tara, lovely to meet so many architects from all over the world via twitter!

    I’m continuing to add more people to the league as folks tweet me or post suggestions here.


  6. says

    Greetings! have been on Twitter about a year and half.
    Have more recently started tweeting under SGArcht.

    Am a licensed architect based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Over 20 years of experience, commercial/office, retail, hospitality, custom residential, urban planning, sustainable design. Best practices has always been green.
    (We have different screen names for different markets.)
    Feel free to send me a tweet ! ;-)


  7. Jaun Millalonco says

    My first visit here, found the blog accidentally really, and I just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed my visit and had some good reads while here :)


  8. says

    what i really want to know is what percentage of total architects are using twitter/fb/youtube/blogs/any other social media. anyone have ideas where i can find this??


  9. ERK57 says

    Well now this is why I joined in the first place!! Connections! sweeeet.

    I’m a Cal Poly – SLO architecture student. Our program is ranked #3 in the nation and I have to say I think its deserving.

    With a graduation date of 20-infinity, I’m still exploring options but …

    anyone out there who can shed some light about a career in ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY? and/or curation? Let me know!

    Glad to have some new leads on who to follow. Thanks Su!


    su Reply:

    What’s your twitter handle – perhaps the twitter community can help with your query.


  10. says


    Recognizing the importance of your work and through a ‘stumble’ onto TweepML courtesy of Mashable, our team took the time to combine the Architects Twitter League and TweepML. Result? Following The Architects Twitter League has made available through ONE CLICK access.

    Thank you for taking the time to champion this group and your continued diligence to both the architectural community and social networking!



    su Reply:

    William, that’s absolutely brilliant of you – thanks!

    I’m sure those who want to connect with architects on twitter will be very grateful for all the time you’ve saved them.


  11. says

    This is great! I love reading what architects are writing and getting an insight into their work. I know, as a student, it can be a great tool so long as you use it the right way. I certainly try to!! @NicholasSilagy



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